Information on IIT Kanpur

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IIT Kanpur is a premier educational institute that provides professional and up to date technological educational and training. Students who pass out of IIT Kanpur go on to become some of the leading engineers and scientists of this country and abroad. IIT Kanpur provides a platform where, students can stand, visualize, grow and build a bright and glorious future for themselves. IIT Kanpur carries out cutting edge research and practical study based technological advancements.

History of IIT Kanpur

The registration for IIT Kanpur was done in the year 1959 by Dr. P. K. Kelkar. To keep itself abreast with the fast and ever changing technological development throughout the world, IIT Kanpur got into the Kanpur Indo-American Program for the time period from 1962 to 1972. This agreement was a milestone in the history of IIT Kanpur as the institute was able to receive technical help from 9 leading institutions of the USA, This help was vital and crucial for IIT Kanpur and it helped the university in organising its very first academic programs as well as laboratories for instruction and research.

Today, IIT Kanpur has almost achieved a legendary reputation and is also known world wide for its awe inspiring curriculum and research. Since the time it was set up, IIT Kanpur has been working relentlessly towards becoming a premier institute that would attract scholars and brilliant students from all corners of the country.

IIT Kanpur Courses and Programs

IIT Kanpur provides programs and course on 5 major fields that are stated below:

  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Management
  • Sciences
  • Inter Disciplinary

Humanities and Management at IIT Kanpur

Candidates who wish to enter in the humanities field then you can take admission in the Humanities & Social Sciences program provided under the humanities department. IIT Kanpur also provides Industrial and Management engineering programs under the management department.

Engineering Courses at IIT Kanpur

Major engineering programs offered at IIT Kanpur are stated below:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial & Management Engineering
  • Materials & metallurgical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


In the field of Sciences, IIT Kanpur provides courses in:

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physics

Inter Disciplinary

Inter Disciplinary programs provided at IIT Kanpur are stated below:

  • Environmental Engineering & Management
  • Laser Technology
  • Master of Design
  • Material Science Program
  • Nuclear Engineering and Technology

IIT Kanpur Application Requirements

Students who wish to apply for the M. Tech programs offered by IIT Kanpur should have atleast 55 % in the qualifying exam. Bachelors degree in B. Tech, B. E or B. Sc (Engg) , M. Sc in desired area is required. The candidates must have a valid Gate, UGC or CSIR score in computer science or information technology.

B Tech Graduates from other IITs who have achieved an overall CGPA of 6.5 and a CGPA of 8.0 during the last two semesters in B. Tech can however also apply without sitting for the GATE test.

Students who wish to apply for the PHD in Engineering need to have a M. Tech/M. E/M. Sc (Engg) degree in the Engineering/Technology. Master՚s degree holders in Sciences having an outstanding academic record and also possessing a valid GATE score may also apply. MBBS, B. Pharma or M. Pharma Degree holders may apply for PHD in BSBE.

For M. Des students having a bachelor՚s degree in engineering, design or architecture with a valid GATE/CEED score may apply. Candidates who wish to apply for the PHD in Science and HSS must possess a M. Sc or M. A degree in desired or allied area with a valid score of GATE, UGC or CSIR.

IIT Kanpur has become one of the most premier educational institutes in the country with huge range of courses, highly qualified faculty and up to date technical help and development.

Important Dates pertaining to GATE: Sale of information brochure and offline application forms: 22nd September 2008 Online application form submission: 22nd September 2008.

The Last date of issue of Information Brochure and Application forms:

  • By post from GATE Offices: 17th October 2008
  • At bank counters: 24th October 2008
  • At GATE office counters: 29th October 2008

Last Dates

  • Online application form submission (website closure) : 24th October 2008
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  • Date of the examination: 08th February 2009
  • Announcement of results: 15th March 2009