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IIT Mandi is administered by IIT Roorkee, which hosted the first batch of students. In the present era, IIT Mandi done its operations from transit campus at Mandi town in Himachal Pradesh. The permanent campus is situated on about 12 km from historic city of Mandi and also is under construction along Uhl River which is a tributary of River Beas at Kamand, Mandi. The institute invites students into different B. Tech. M. S and PHD programs (as of 2010) . Timothy A. Gonsalves is the Director of IIT Mandi joined on 15 January 2010.


School of Computing and Electrical Engineering

IIT Mandi aims to bring and link together all the knowledgeble faculties indulged in the prime technologies of the Information Age and also covers computer science, communication, VLSI and microelectronics and electrical energy. The fundamental principles are information theory, theory of computation, communication theory, quantum mechanics and electromagnetism laws.

School of Engineering

The following School covers tangible physical structures and artifacts like transport vehicles, transport systems, machines, materials, manufacturing, designs etc. The underlying basic principles are classical mechanics, atomic physics, thermodynamics. Many faculties who were in traditional departments of mechanical, civil, aerospace, metallurgy engineering had transferred in IIT Mandi.

  • Convenor (Administrative in-charge) : Dr. Vishal Singh Chauhan
  • Phone: 01905 − 237920
  • Email: vsc@iitmandi. ac. in

School of Basic Sciences

The following School covers mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences. Some faculties are indulged in the pure research whereas others work on the applied research jointly with their colleagues in the engineering Schools.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Modern engineers work in groups to form, increase and use technology for betterment and well-being of society. Reasonable understanding of language, culture, sociology, economics, management, ecology etc is very much required for a well-rounded engineer and also for the development of technologies, products and processes that is used widely. The School is a vital part of IIT Mandi.

  • Head of School: Prof. Balasundaram Subramanian
  • Phone: 01905 − 237996
  • Email: bs@iitmandi. ac. in

International Collaboration

The most important organizations with whom help or collaborations have been finalized in respect of IIT Mandi are stated below:

  • Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden-MoU signed for exchange of faculty, students and research collaboration.
  • IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark-exchange visits of students and faculty.
  • Stuttgart University and the TU9 Institutions, Germany-MoU signed for exchange of faculty, students and research collaboration.
  • Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland-joint research in atomic and molecular physics.
  • University of Western Ontario, Canada-discussions in progress.
  • India-UK Advanced Technology Centre India UK Tech Center participation in research on next generation networks.

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