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Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) , sometimes considered as Indian Institute of Technology Punjab (IIT Punjab) is an engineering and technology higher education institute situated in Rupnagar, Punjab, India.

Campus & Location

IIT Ropar is situated at Rupnagar town of the district Rupnagar. Rupnagar was instituted in the 11th century and named after Rup Sen son of Raja Rokeshar.

Permanent Campus

The location of the permanent campus of IIT Ropar is Birla Seed Farms, Ropar (Rupnagar) , district headquarter of Ropar (Rupnagar) is near Chandigarh.

Academic System

The curriculum that is being followed at the IIT Ropar provides for a science-based engineering education, with an objective to cultivate quality engineer-scientists. If encompasses broad based knowledge acquisition and at the same time nurtures and enriches a temper for life-long learning and exploration. Students are motivated to think beyond the classroom to held and carry out independent work by means of research projects, guided reading, and by allowing them to join the research activities undertaken by faculty members. The main idea behind such a fashioning of the curriculum is the belief that classroom activities must be supplemented by independent study and also by individual research that broadens their scope and horizon, provides for opportunities to bring one՚s ideas to get fruitful results.

The academic program at the institute walks on the path of semester-based credit system. The most vital characteristic of the credit system is the process of continuous judgement of a student՚s performance and the flexibility to allow a student to progress at an an optimum pace suited to his or her ability or convenience on the basis of fulfilling the minimum requirements for continuation. A minimum Grade Point Average also known as GPA is very essential for availing satisfactory progress and continuation in the program.

Academic Programs

In its very first year i.e.. . The academic year 2008 − 2009, three undergraduate programs were offered. Availing admission into the following programs is done through the JEE and students are admitted after completing 10 + 2 i.e.. . High-school level schooling.

  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

IIT Ropar provides admission for the PHD courses in Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Philosophy.

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