Reference Book List for JEE-Chemistry Examination

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Serial No.Author/PublisherBook՚s NameRemarks
1O P Agarwal - Buy from AmazonIIT ChemistryRecommended for Inorganic Chemistry
2P Bahadur - Buy from AmazonPhysical ChemistryRecommended for Physical Chemistry
3Arihant Prakashan - Buy from AmazonOrganic ChemistryRecommended for Organic Chemistry, but contains errors.
4NCERTChemistry XI and XIIBasic Text book
5Ebbing - Buy from AmazonGeneral ChemistryReference Book
6JD Lee - Buy from AmazonConcise Inorganic ChemistryReference Book
7R T Morrison, R N Boyd - Buy from AmazonOrganic ChemistryReference Book
8R C MukherjeeNumerical ChemistryReference Book
9Francis Carey - Buy from AmazonOrganic ChemistryReference Book
10I L Finar - Buy from AmazonOrganic Chemistry-Vol IReference Book.
11Bahal & BahalOrganic ChemistryReference Book
12Sienko & Plane - Buy from AmazonChemistry Principles & ApplicationsReference Book
13PW Atkins - Buy from AmazonPhysical ChemistryReference Book
14Bruce H Mahan - Buy from AmazonUniversity ChemistryReference Book