Reference Book List for JEE-Mathematics Examination

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Serial No.Author/PublisherBook՚s NameRemarks
1Amit M. Agarwal- Buy from AmazonMaths XI & XIIBasic Text Books
2S L LoniPlane Trigonometry Part IRecommended
3S L LoniCo-ordinate GeometryRecommended
4Hall & Knight - Buy from AmazonHigher AlgebraRecommended
5I A Maron - Buy from AmazonProblems in Calculus of One VariableRecommended
6Vectors & 3-D Geometry - Buy from AmazonArihant PrakashanRecommended
7Shanti Narayan - Buy from AmazonVectorsReference Book
8V Govorov, P. Dybov, N. Miroshin, S. Smirnova - Buy from AmazonProblems in MathematicsReference Book
9Bernard & Child - Buy from AmazonHigher AlgebraReference Book
10Dr. Gorakh Prasad - Buy from AmazonCo-ordinate GeometryReference Book
11KP Basu - Buy from AmazonAlgebra Made EasyReference Book
12DoroFeev, PatapovElementary Math՚sReference Book
13J Edward - Buy from AmazonCalculusReference Book
14GN Berman - Buy from AmazonA Problem Book in Mathematical AnalysisReference Book
15W FellerIntro. To Probability & its ApplicationsReference Book
16KrechmarMathsReference Book
17NCERTMaths XI and XIIBasic Text Book