JEE Mains Booklist

Glide to success with Doorsteptutor material for JEE/Mains : get questions, notes, tests, video lectures and more- for all subjects of JEE/Mains.

  1. Examrace JEE Mains Aptitude Series-Complete Postal Course
  2. McGraw Hills Publication Mathematics-Buy from Amazon
  3. McGraw Hills Publication Physics-Buy from Amazon
  4. McGraw Hills Publication Chemistry-Buy from Amazon
  5. Complete JEE Guide for Mains McGraw Hill-Buy from Amazon
  6. Upkar Series
  7. ₹ Aggarwal-Buy from Amazon

Advantages of Examrace JEE Mains Aptitude Series

  • Lot of practice questions
  • Each topic starts with lesson to help understand the basics
  • The practice questions are demarcated as easy and difficult which helps to understand the difficulty levels
  • Each chapter includes memory tips and shortcuts to problems to save time in examination
  • The practice questions reveal actual JEE test patterns
  • Reasoning section and quantitative section is wonderfully designed
  • Each question has a solved solution

Disadvantages JEE Mains Series

  • Does not include practice software