Tips for JEE Examination

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Students who face difficulty in working out for exam and its preparation, this particular section is especially designed to meet the needs of aspirants, Do՚s and don՚ts for the exam and some unheard success secrets.

  • Work hard for atleast two years after the 10th Board for JEE.
  • Some questions do have a need of being tackled with various different methods and view-points.
  • Each and every question is unique in its own way.
  • Candidates who know how and what to look for in a question are likely to score high in the test.
  • Most questions are generally aimed to judge the conceptual understanding of the candidates and application of basic fundamental concepts, focus on mastering all the fundamentals well.
  • Try to achieve minimum qualifying marks in a subject.
  • Focusing on only one subject and not on the others may create huge problems at the end.
  • Manage your time wisely, carefully and equally for all the subjects.
  • while working for the exam, Focus on solving the problems on your own.
  • Try old methods first to solve the problems Hit and Miss.
  • Try to understand the depth of the problem and find out clues that can take you towards the solution.
  • Just go through once with the concepts related to problem once again.
  • Relate the problem with the real-life circumstances for a conceptual analysis.
  • Try to find the question from the solution, when you are done with your limits.
  • Make your own shortcuts techniques and methods to solve specific problems.
  • Speed as well as strike rate matters alot. You have to be fast and reasonably accurate to get good scores. However high speed but with less or no accuracy can actually ruin your results.
  • Do not use a calculator, while preparing for JEE exam. Mental calculations enhance your speed upto a very great extent indeed.
  • Basically the cut-off is around 60 to 70 % . So if you just solve easy and average questions correctly, you can easily achieve good marks. Once you completed these questions, you may move forward towards the difficult one for the merit.
  • Do not tick more than one answer for a specific question, it will be considered as an incorrect answer and you will not get marks.
  • Use the technique of wise guessing and do not waste your time on those questions you are not sure about:
  • Since negative marking is there for the incorrect answers, just do not rely on wild guesses but on an intelligent guess.