Tips for JEE Examination

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For those students who face difficulty in working out for exam and its preparation this section is especially devised to meet the needs of aspirants, Do՚s and don՚ts for the exam and success secrets.

  • It is always advisable to start preparing for IIT-JEE at the starting of the 11th standard, This will not only saves time but also relates to lot of material with the already mentioned material for board՚s study.
  • Time should be managed properly.
  • Never follow the footprints of your friends in a way like going coachings.
  • Have faith in yourselves and work harder.
  • No shortcut way is there towards the path of success.
  • Do not miss even a small portion from the syllabus, Questions may be form even from very small concepts.
  • If you are late with you preparation, then it is advisable to cover atleast 80 % of the entire course and be thorough with it, Do not try to study the entire curriculum.
  • Focus on the difficult topics if you already have a sound understanding of them.
  • Be sure that you are using the right reference as well as study material, It can make a huge difference to your scores. It is always said to study from the books which comprise of numerous solved questions. Method of solving the problems should must be keep in mind.
  • There is a no way for rote learning in IIT-JEE.
  • Be very confident about your concepts and if you are not, Spend days to solve a problem but also focus on the reasons for the answers.
  • In the first few months, dedicate your time in revising the basic concepts learnt in standard 9th and 10th booksNCERT fundamentals.
  • Be ensure that you read all the fundamental concepts namely algebra, mechanics more deeply as they are very high scoring topics.
  • During examination, start solving the questions as soon as you get the paper. Do not waste your time by scanning the paper and in marking the questions. But do not indulge in those questions, Which you are not able to solve.
  • Maintain your confidence level at time of exam.