Create an Study Plan for IIT JEE Exam Preparation

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Some Must Know Tips

  • Seriously create a study plan and the foremost important thing is to manage time
  • Chalk out yor strengths and weaknesses, know the topics in which you lag
  • Have a daily revision schedule
  • Start preparing from ‘Basics’ because it is really crucial for sound base for a right foundation.
  • Never prefer solutions of questions before attempting to the question.
  • Try to solve the question until you are saturated
  • Do not leave the question in the halfway.
  • Do not jump from one question to another in hurry.
  • Always use a Conceptual Approach to solve problems
  • Manage your time well for your preparation of boards and for your IIT-JEE.
  • Always keep the syllabus with you, before preparing any new topic look at the syllabus first.
  • Try to solve 50 − 60 problems on per topic or chapter and solve the quality problems.
  • Make your own strategy to crack the questions.
  • Learn the basics of the concepts rather then remembering them.
  • Always practice alot the previous year՚s papers
  • Try to create mnemonics to learn some fundamnetal formulas
  • Prepare quick notes or flashcards for last minute revision purpose
  • Try to refer as much video lectures as possible to strengthen your conceptual knowledge.
  • Have time for recreational purposes as well
  • Prepare weekly plan for JEE
  • Try to devote extra time to the topics in which you are weak and requires extra effort from your side.
  • don՚t get stressed by peer pressure or outsiders
  • Follow the study plan with sincerety and regularity
  • Be attentive towards your goals and deadlines.
  • Setting priorities is very important to achieve goals.
  • Time is a very crucial factor for every exam.

Last Minute Preparation Tips

  • Donot start any new topic
  • Concentrate and revise topics that are already covered
  • Start of new topic wiill only lead to panic
  • The student should be well versed with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Application based chapters are important
  • You must know exam notification, syllabus, patterns and importance of chapters
  • NCERT textbooks, notes and exercises is fundamental and key.
  • Go through last 5 years mock text IIT-JEE test papers to understand the pattern and complexity of an entrance paper.
  • Taking too much stress is strictly not advisable.
  • It is good to take some time off and do things that replenish yourselves
  • IIT-JEE is just like any other exam and students are advised not to panic.

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