What JEE Toppers Believe in?

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  • Motivation is the inducing force for positivity, unless you are motivated you will not be prepared to work hard to achieve your goal
  • Focus on your studies, do not get trapped into peer pressure and what others believe about you, have confidence in yourselves
  • Do not directly rush to solve papers, focus on fundamentals and concepts, go through NCERT in a detailed manner-books, exercises and problems.
  • Never leave any topic untouched, questions can come from any topic and surprise might lead you to trouble, therefore it is important that you read all topics and leave none.
  • Be focussed and your aim should be crystal clear, never deviate from the basic aim and have a optimistic attitude in life.
  • Try to refer video lectures on youtube wherever you are struck and unable to find an answer, the video tutorials will help develop concepts. Video lectures are especilly useful for aspirants who are doing self-studies.
  • Since the IIT-JEE entrance is hyped, it is important that students must be mentally prepared and confident.
  • Continuous effort is needed for a good preparation in all the three subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Instead of doing just one subject for some days, little portions should be done from all the three subjects every day to avoid boredom.
  • For securing a good rank you need to be very clear with your concepts and so proper guidance is must. You need to be explained well and your doubts should be solved by someone who is well versed with those concepts.
  • donีšt forget to prepare handy notes that will clear your concepts and memorize faster.
  • Once you are done with varied topics in a subject, be assure you revise them again and again
  • Examine your knowledge time to time by giving mock tests.
  • Never miss out the last 5 years โ€ฒ question papers as this gives you an idea of how the paper will be and tell you where you stand.
  • JEE exam aims to check the mental ability and knowledge of the candidate and not the handwriting, so fcus on speed and accuracy.
  • If you want success then the only way is to work hard and persistently.
  • Have a right direction for your hardwork
  • Try to develop very sharp conceptual understanding
  • Focus on speed and accuracy
  • Try to do a detailed analysis of subject, topics as well as test and work hard on weaknesses and improving strength. Test analysis is crucial.
  • Follow a disciplined and systematic approach for studies with minimum of 10 hours per day and 28 days a month
  • Develop a positive attitude as negativity will only cause more frustration and failure.
  • Have a burning desire to get the goal and clear JEE

Preparing for both the exams (Mains and Advanced) is indeed a very tough task and everything depends on time management. The key for this planning is to first set some long-term goals and then set short-term goals and then do the planning later on to assess their difficulty level.