JEE Maths Study Material: JEE Maths Study Material: Weightage of Topics

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Title: JEE Maths Study Material

  • IIT JEE Maths Study Material – To be an expert in JEE Mathematics, it is absolutely necessary to practice and be familiar will all the concepts as well as the questions of different types.
  • This is essential to gain mastery over the subject. We have also often heard the common saying, “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” ,
  • So students have to practice, practice and practice till they master the subject.
  • Once they get enough practice, students will naturally be excited to attempt all questions in one shot.
  • This approach, however, would work better if students are pretty sure about the answers in the question paper.
  • A better strategy would be to categorize questions as per their difficulty level viz. easy, medium and difficult ones. Begin with the easy question and then to the medium ones and save enough time to attempt the difficult questions.
  • Best part of this strategy is that it would help students to score higher while avoiding the possibility of negative marks.

JEE Maths Study Material

JEE Algebra

JEE Algebra
Binomial TheoremMatrices
LogarithmComplex Numbers

JEE Coordinate Geometry

JEE Coordinate Geometry
Straight Lines3D Geometry

JEE Trigonometry

JEE Trigonometry
TrigonometryAngle Measurement
Inverse Trigonometric Functions

JEE Calculus

JEE Calculus
Limits, Continuity and DifferentiabilityDifferentiation
Applications of DerivativesIntegration
Definite and Indefinite IntegrationDifferential Equations

Weightage of Topics

Weight Age of Topics
TopicsWeightage of Marks
Sets, Relation and Function4
Sequences and Series4
Binomial Theorem and Its Application4
Differential Equation4
Differential Calculus4
Permutations and Combinations4
Mathematical Reasoning4
Statistics and Probability8
Matrices and Determinants8
Vector Algebra8
Three Dimensional Geometry8
Complex numbers and Quadratic Equation8
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability12
Integral Calculus12
Coordinate Geometry20

JEE Maths Preparation Tips

  • Maths is an important section in JEE.
  • Apart from being a scoring subject whenever there is a tie in the exam then the score obtained in this section is used to decide who gets a better rank.
  • So, candidates should focus on performing well in this section. However, they can perform excellently only if they have prepared expertly for the exam.
  • They should be well versed with the topics, have a clear understanding of the concepts and they should possess adept problem-solving as well as time management skills.
  • Once they develop these things they will be paving a way to success.
  • To help candidates give their best and achieve an outstanding result we have put together some of the most effective preparation tips for JEE.