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Q-29 The Wheatstone Bridge shown in Fig. here, gets balanced when the carbon resistor used as has the colour code (Orange, Red, Brown). The resistors and are 80Ω and 40Ω, respectively.

Assuming that the colour code for the carbon resistors gives their accurate values, the colour code for the carbon resistor, used as , would be:

Image of wheatstone bridge

Image of Wheatstone Bridge

Image of wheatstone bridge


1. Red, Green, Brown

2. Brown, Blue, Brown

3. Grey, Black, Brown

4. Brown, Blue, Black

Answer: 2


Wheatstone Bridge-

It is an arrangement of four resistances which can be used to measure one of them in terms of rest

Where in

For wheat stone bridge


1- Brown

6- Blue


Q-30 Two identical spherical balls of mass M and radius R each are stuck on two ends of a rod of length 2R and mass M (see figure). The moment of inertia of the system about the axis passing perpendicularly through the centre of the rod is:






Answer: 3


For Ball using parallel axis theorem.

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