52% Candidates Gets into IIT Without Any Coaching Classes


The trend of coaching classes is going to be overtaken by self-study in nearby futures; we can say this because this year more than 50% of candidates have successfully got addition in to IITs without the help of any official coaching classes according to the analysis done by IIT Guwahati.

According to the report from total 10,576 students, 5,539 students (around 52%) who got admission in IITs by self-study and around 4,711 students (45%) have attended coaching classes. And rest of 2% has attended personal tuitions or other related courses.

So it is possible to clear IIT - JEE (Pre-Graduate entrance exam especially for IITs) by self-study. But it’s not essay to achieve it, the more hard work and dedication for the study required for it and when this all comes together the success is not far to achieve.

Now a days many online portals are available which helps a lot with complete details such as syllabus, study materials, guideline how to start and manage time table, what to study etc. and we are one of them www.examrace.com. Even online videos are also very helpful.

The place doesn’t matter at all, whether you belong to a city or a village, the thing which only matter is how you have set your dreams and how you execute it because if we consider this academic year then around 25% of students who successfully gets admission in to IITs belongs to ruler areas and rest of 75% belongs to the Cities.

At the some-level parent’s occupation also plays a significant role because if we take look at report then from 36,566 candidates who qualified for IITs or NITs or IIITs:

Parents Occupation for IITs or NITs or IIITs

Parents Occupation for IITs or NITs or IIITs

Number of Parents



Government service




Privet jobs




Public sectors


Teaching or research


Practiced law


Pharmacy sector



IIT coaching center in Kota, Rajasthan is very popular for preparation of entrance exams but this year 1646 students get qualified for IITs.

Schools and Examination boards are also an important part for student’s qualification and CBSE board has proved it with 5849 qualified students and Telangana State board placed at second place in this race with 888 students, the next is Rajasthan Sate Board with 768 qualified students and Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education with 742 students.

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- Published/Last Modified on: September 1, 2016

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