Expected questions, dos and don'ts for JEE Mains 2014 [ JEE Updates ]


Examrace wishes all the best to the candidates appearing for JEE Mains 2014. According to our analysis, the paper should have the following weightage, for the last minutes revision before the exam, please use the following guidelines.

Expected contribution from various sections of Chemistry in IIT JEE Main 2014 (Paper-1):

  • Physical Chemistry: 30-35%

  • Organic Chemistry: 25-30%

  • Inorganic Chemistry: 30-35%

Expected contribution from various sections Mathematics in IIT JEE Main 2014 (Paper-1):

  • Algebra: 28-34%

  • Coordinate: 8-12%

  • Calculus: 25-30%

  • Trignometry: 3-7%

  • Vector: 20-25%

Expected contribution from various sections of Physics in IIT JEE Main 2014 (Paper-1):

  • Mechanics & SHM: 20-25%

  • Heat & Thermodynamics: 8-10%

  • Waves: 5-7%

  • Properties of Matter: 8-12%

  • Electrostatics: 10%

  • Current Electricity: 0-4%

  • Magnetism: 5-10%

  • Modern Physics: 10-12%

  • Optics: 9-13%

  • Practical Physics: 5-8%


  • Do regular practice and study

  • Self-study is essential

  • Make sure to complete the syllabus

  • Revise your notes written in the class rooms

  • Cross-check the solutions of problems solved earlier

  • Practice filling in OMR answer-sheets to improve speed (for offline mode)

  • Practice solving questions on computer (online mode)

  • Aim for a balanced score, atleast good score iin two subjects and above average in one

  • In exam, select the right questions and number of correctly attempted questions will decide your fate

  • Hope for the best


  • Don't be impatient while solving questions

  • Don't select an answer before reading all the options

  • Don't become restless and panic

  • Don't waste too much time solving one question

  • Don't worry if you are not able to solve a question simply move on to the next one

  • Don't start studying new topics at the last moment, try to revise what you have already prepared

  • Don't stress out

- Published/Last Modified on: April 5, 2014