NTA Declares JEE (Main)-January 2020 (Download PDF)

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The JEE (Main) Examination for B. E. /B. Tech. was conducted by NTA between 7th and 9th January 2020 in two shifts per day across 233 cities in the country and abroad. A total number of 9,21, 261 candidates were registered for B. E. /B. Tech. in this examination. There were 570 examination centres across the country and abroad. A total number of 536 Observers, 213 City- Coordinators and 19 Regional Coordinators were deployed at these centres to oversee the smooth and fair conduct of examination. The B. E. /B. Tech was conducted in a total of 6 shifts from 7th to 9th January, 2020. The results of B. E. /B. Tech have been declared today.

Results at A Glance

Results at a Glance B. E. /B. Tech.
Number of candidates registered B. E. /B. Tech.9,21, 261
Number of candidates appeared B. E. /B. Tech.8,69, 010

Gender and Category wise number of candidates registered for B. E. /B. Tech:

Number of Candidates Registered for B. E. /B. Tech

Gender and Category wise number of candidates appeared for B. E. /B. Tech:

Number of Candidates Appeared for B. E. /B. Tech

The following candidates have received 100 NTA Score in January-2020 Examination in B. E. /B. Tech. :-

NTA Score in January-2020 Examination in B. E. /B. Tech

State-wise toppers and their NTA Scores in B. E. /B. Tech. are as follows:-

State-Wise Toppers and Their NTA Scores in B. E. /B. Tech

1. NTA Scores are normalized scores across multi session papers and are based on the relative performance of all those who appeared for the examination in one session. The marks obtained are converted into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session of examinees.

2 The NTA Score indicates the percentage of candidates that have scored EQUAL TO OR BELOW (same or lower raw scores) a particular candidate in that session.

3. The NTA Score of a Candidate have been calculated as follows: 100 X Number of candidates appeared in the ‘Session’ with raw score EQUAL TO OR LESS than the candidate Total number of the candidates appeared in the ‘Session’

4. The NTA Score of the Total is NOT an aggregate or average of the NTA Score of individual subject.

5. NTA score is not the same as percentage of marks obtained.

6. Candidate՚s particulars including Category and Person with Disability (PwD) have been indicated as mentioned by the candidate in the online application form.

7. After the APRIL JEE MAIN -2020 Exam, the Ranks of the candidates will be released taking into consideration better of the two NTA Scores of all candidates appeared in JANUARY 2020 and APRIL 2020 examinations and in accordance with the policy already made available on the website https: ⁄ ⁄ jeemain. nta. nic. in

8. The candidates have the choice to appear in one/two examinations for admission.

9. The Examination was conducted completely in CBT mode.

10. In order to make the examination system transparent, the Question Paper and recorded responses were displayed in the website for the verification by examinees.

11. To ensure accuracy and transparency of result, the keys of question papers were displayed in advance to invite challenges by the candidates.

12. In nationwide competitive examinations, live CCTV Surveillance was carried out.

13. Jammers were installed at the examination centres to prevent unfair practice by the candidates during the examination through mobile or any other electronic device.

14. The next online application for April JEE (Main) -2020 Examination shall start from 7th February and shall remain open till 7th March 2020. The uploading of images and payment of the application fee will be upto 8th March-2020.

15. The April JEE (Main) -2020 Examination will be conducted in CBT mode between 05.04. 2020,07.04. 2020 to 09.04. 2020 and 11.04. 2020.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 21, 2020

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