JEE Chemistry Long Answer Questions New in 2020: JEE Sample Questions for Section on Numerical Value of Chemistry (Most Important) (Download PDF)

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Q. 1: The hardness of a water sample (in ppm) (in terms of equivalents of) containing is: (molar mass of ) .

Answer: 100

Q. 2: 50mL of 0.5M Oxalic Acid is needed to neutralize of sodium hydroxide solution. The amount of NaOH (in g) in 50mL of the given sodium hydroxide solution is ________.

Answer: 2

Q. 3: The standard electrode potential and its temperature coefficient for a cell are 2V and at 300K respectively. The cell reaction is . The standard reaction enthalpy at 300K is________ kJ/mol ()


Q. 4: In the following reaction sequence, the mass percentage of carbon in the major product P is________.

Percentage of Carbon

Answer: 87.18

Q. 5: The number of monochlorinated product obtained on chlorination of 2 methyl butane is________.

Answer: 4

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