JEE Mathematics Long Answer Questions New in 2020: JEE Sample Questions for Section on Numerical Value of Mathematics (Most Important) (Download PDF)

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Q. 1: Let and be two roots of the equation, then is equal to________.


Q. 2: Consider a group of 5 females and 7 males. The number of different teams consisting of 2 females and 3 males that can be formed from this group, if there are two specific males A and B, who refuse to be the member of the same team, is ________.

Answer: 300

Q. 3: Let be an A. P. , and If , and , thenis equal to________.

Answer: 77

Q. 4: If is the solution of the differential equation satisfying y (1) = 1, then is equal to ________.

Answer: 49

Q. 5: If and c be a vector such that and, then is equal to________.

Answer: 9.5

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