Think Twice Before Rushing to KOTA – “Swindler’S Paradise or IIT Success Hub”!


This year 50 students from CBSE schools has secured their rank in JEE’s top 100 and proved that it is the right board that provides the edge and there is no any for any coaching centers to succeed. Telangana schools, which followed CBSE, got 21 students in top 100. Total 52 % of students have reached cutoff.

Maharashtra ranked at 3rd place with 7 students securing place in top 100 from state board. Total 10, 627 students from Maharashtra have clear cutoff and are now registered for JEE Advanced “the gateway of IITs”.

The highest number of students who registered for JEE Advanced is from CBSE board and Telangana is at second spot with 11, 040 students having cleared cutoff of JEE Advanced.

JEE (Advanced) official has said that “Over time, we have seen the maximum students have come from CBSE. But below that, the order has altered”

80 % of students are only come from 3 boards: CBSE, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab in 2013 and in 2014 most of the students to clear cutoff were from five boards:

  1. CBSE
  2. Andhra Pardesh
  3. Maharashtra
  4. Rajasthan
  5. Gujrat

Previously best coaching centers mattered a lot to taking admission in IITs but now the trend has changed. With new rules, currently getting admission in IITs depends on good preparation throughout the school studies and selection of right Board helps students in achieving their dreams.

Now there is no need to rush and commute and waste time and resources, study – self-study is the key, check out areas in which you have doubts and practice a lot. You can opt for test series to your standing and ranking but good preparation with thorough study of NCERT is must. For more details refer

- Published/Last Modified on: May 13, 2016

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