JEST Book List 2021

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JEST physics solved paper 2019 - 2012 with Model test paper - Poonam choudhary, Rakesh dhaka, Sarita dukia – Buy Amazon. in

Test of Mathematics at the 10 + 2 Level, 16/e - Indian Statistical Institute – Buy Amazon. in

An Introduction to Mechanics – David Kleppner, Robert Kolenkow - Buy Amazon. in

Post Graduate Entrance Examinations Physics – Arihant Experts - Buy Amazon. in

Quantum Mechanics - McIntyre/Manogue/Tate - Buy Amazon. in

Introduction to Special Relativity - Robert Resnick – Buy Amazon. in

Atomic & Molecular Spectra: Laser - Raj Kumar – Buy Amazon. in

Jam Physics - Jyoti Ahuja Vishal Deoarshi – Buy Amazon. in

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