Past Year Paper Analysis for the JEST 2022

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JEST 2020

Expected cut off: As per the initial analysis and experts the cutoff might range between 28 to 30 marks.

The distribution of questions from the topics:

Table Supporting: Past Year Paper Analysis for the JEST 2022
TopicsPart A

(No. of MCQ – 1 marks)

Part B

(No. of MCQ – 3 marks)

Part C

(No. of NAT – 3 marks)

Math Method511
Thermal and statistical physics321

The admission based on JEST 2020 scores will be offered in 32 participating institutes. It is a national level exam that is held in offline mode and the qualified candidates get a call for interview round. The interview is held by the participating institutes and admission is offered to the selected candidates in Ph. D in physics, theoretical computer science, neuroscience, or computational biology.