Preparation Tips for the JEST 2022

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JEST Exam is mainly for Physics, Theoretical Computer Science, Neuroscience and Computational Biology subjects. Candidate՚s good mathematical skills & strong interest in the research aspect is desirable. Hence candidates willing to crack JEST Exam must focus on the following:

  • Cover all the important topics like mathematical physics, classical physics, quantum physics, statistical physics, solid-state physics, electrodynamics etc.
  • If you՚ve not joined any coaching classes & you are relying on self-study, then it is important to stay motivated & on time with your preparation. Once you start procrastinating, you՚ll lose the pace of preparation.
  • Online video lectures can help you to substantiate your preparation material. Read online from the best resources.
  • Buying a lot of books for each topic will make your studies clumsy. Purchasing a good study material for JEST Exam can help you to cover all important topics.
  • Revision is the key to success. It is important to revise whatever you՚ve learned.

Important Instruction:

  • Candidates should reach the exam venue one hour before the scheduled time. If a candidate fails to report on time, he/she will also miss out on some of the rules and regulations as well as other general instructions related to the exam.
  • Candidates՚ must carry their admit card/hall ticket and they must also present any one of their personal IDs to confirm their identity.
  • Candidates must maintain silence in the exam hall.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to carry any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers into the exam hall.
  • No candidate will be allowed to go outside the exam hall until the completion of the entire duration of the test.
  • If any candidate is found to be involved in any conversation or gesticulation or disturbance in the test hall, it shall be deemed as misbehavior and such a candidate will be banned from the taking the exam permanently or for a specified period

Focus on Concepts

JEST is all about having a good concept of clarity of different topics. As the syllabus of the test is quite vast, so to prepare for JEST, you must indulge in clearing your basics concepts rather than adopting a rote learning technique. You should focus on understanding the fundamental concepts and then start practicing the questions. By understanding the concepts, you can remember them for a very long period of time.

Practice Consistently

One of the essential steps, while you are preparing for the JEST entrance exam, is to practice consistently. By practising various types of questions consistently will help you in getting used to all the type of questions that are asked in the exam and raise your confidence while preparing for it.

Solve Sample Papers Question Banks, and Previous Year Question Papers

Practicing past years՚ question papers, as well as sample papers or question banks, are perhaps the best sources for exam preparation. These papers not only guide you to know the number of questions raised from different topics but also provides you with an opportunity to plug the loopholes in the preparation of entrance exam. By regular practice of these papers, students will get used to reading the questions carefully, understanding them completely and then solve them in less time.

First Attempt What You Know

In the exam, it is always better to attempt questions which you are confident. Before beginning, you should first take a look at the question paper and see which questions can be solved easily and in less time. This is probably one of the best approaches when you՚re attempting an entrance exam.

Be Positive About Your Exam Preparation

On the exam day, you should stay positive, as it will have a positive impact on your overall performance. When you think in a positive manner, your brain works effectively and you stay motivated and focused.

Don՚t Forget to Revise

While doing your exam preparation, you must leave an ample amount of time to revise your subjects. Revision is the key to stay confident during exam preparation. Once you are thorough with a topic, you must take out time to revise it first and then move on to the next topic.

Remain Stress-Free

Fear and stress are two of the major factors that may hamper your overall performance while preparing for your entrance examination. It is advisable not to overload yourself with information one day before the exam as it can make you feel anxious. While preparing for the exam, it is very important for you to stay calm to relax your mind and body and to boost the level of your confidence.