JGEEBILS Eligibility Criteria 2022

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For Ph. D

The candidate must hold the Masters in Basic Science (M. Sc. Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/any branch of Biology) or any professional Master՚s Degree (M. Tech/M. Pharma) , or any 4-year degree program (like MBBS, BDS) to apply for the Ph. D (Biology) programs.

Candidate with an M. Sc. degree in a non-Biology-allied discipline such as Physics/Mathematics/Chemistry/Computer Science, and the candidate who wish to obtain an M. Sc. in Biology, will be offered the option of enrolling for the I-Ph. D. programmer at the time of admission.

For I-Ph. D/M. Sc

To apply for the I-Ph. D/M. Sc, the candidate must hold the Bachelors in any Basic Science (Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/any branch of Biology) or any 4-year degree programme like B. Tech, B. E, B. V. Sc, B. Pharma.

For M. Sc. (Wildlife Biology & Conservation)

The candidate who have a Bachelor՚s degree in any program with a minimum of 50 % in core subjects and a strong interest in wildlife research and conservation field will be eligible to apply for JGEEBILS 2020 examination.

The candidate who have a Graduate national for Central, South and Southeast Asian countries, with similar qualifications are also eligible to apply for JGEEBILS.


  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • Candidate must hold the required degrees issues by the reorganized colleges/universities to apply for the JGEEBILS exam.