Fellowships for KVPY Examination 2022

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Fellowships for KVPY Exam
SA (After Class X)₹ 4,000₹ 16,000
SX/SB (Class XII & during 1st to 3rd years of - B. Sc. /B. S. /Integrated M. Sc. /M. S.)₹ 5,000₹ 20,000
SX/SB - during M. Sc. / 4th to 5th years of Integrated M. Sc. /M. S₹ 7,000₹ 28,000
  • Students who qualified in fellowship program will got monthly fellowship of ₹ 4000 & annual contingency of ₹ 16000
  • KVPY fellows get opportunity to spend some time in scientific institutions attending lectures by experts in different fields of science, engineering or medicine, experience a research environment with science in action, watch scientists at work, interact with scientists, visit nearby scientific research laboratories and institutions, and exchange views with other research students.
  • An Identity Card is issued to each KVPY Fellow. Several national laboratories, universities and other institutions have agreed to extend special privileges like library, laboratory facilities to KVPY Fellows on production of the ID card.