KVPY Fellowships

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Fellowship Grant and Contingency

Basic Sciences

Monthly Fellowship

Annual Contingency Grant

SA (After X Class)

Rs. 4000

Rs. 16000

SX/SB-during 1st to 3rd years of-BSc or BS or Integrated MSc or MS

Rs. 5000

Rs. 20000

SX/SB-during 4th to 5th years of MSc or Integrated MSc or MS

Rs. 7000

Rs. 28000

Renewal/Continuation of Fellowship

The renewal of KVPY fellowships every year is based on your performance in academics, particularly in science subject. You should secure first class (60% marks) or equivalent grade point average in science subjects every consecutive year and that too in first attempt. Students fulfilling in the criteria but in second or further attempts after failure are not eligible for renewal of fellowship.

Apart from the eligibility stated above, participation and satisfactory performance in the Summer Program in the first year and Summer project every year thereafter is absolutely necessary so that the fellowship continues and renews year after year.

It is essential that the student pursues his study remaining within the science field. If he opts any other stream in mid of studies, his fellowship will be forfeited along with the Contingency Grant.

The fellowship for the students selected under the stream SA will be continued after the XII Standard/( + 2) only if they pursue an undergraduate course in Basic Sciences (B. Sc./B. S./Int. M. Sc./M. S.)

Summer Program

KYPY organizes summer programs every year in summer vacation for its fellows so as to develop their intrinsic potential and mould it towards scientific research. This program is of one week whereby the students get indulged in the scientific world as they listen to eminent personalities from the science field, talk to them personally, clear their doubts, work in scientific laboratories, practically look into concepts ans aspects of science, exchange views with the fellow beings and get acquainted with the research methodologies.

Hence due to this, the students come to know their subject of interest and can therefore focus upon it, take help of the scientists who will encourage them and let them know the opportunities the field offers.

This Summer Program for KVPY Fellows is arranged at Indian Institute for Science Education and Research (IISER) -Kolkata, Pune, Mohali, Bhopal, and Trivandrum every year.

Other Privileges

Each KVPY Fellow will be issued with an Identity card so as to have access to renowned National laboratories/Universities who have agreed to extend special privileges like library, laboratory facilities to KVPY Fellows on production of the ID card.

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