KVPY Interview Dos and Donts

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Do՚s and Don՚ts

  • Give due respect to interviewers as they are very senior and learned people and eminent in their respective fields.
  • don՚t get affected by details given by any unauthorized personnel. Avoid unnecessary details.
  • don՚t question the previous candidate about his/her interview.
  • Remember the board selects the best. It has no prejudices towards anyone.
  • Avoid generalized statements. Be specific.
  • Accept your mistakes boldly.
  • Remember honesty is the best policy. Answer honestly, truthfully and modestly.
  • Take your time. Do not be impatient.
  • Answer briefly in an orderly and logical fashion. Eye contact is the most vital thing while you answer. Do not look down and answer.
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Avoid too many arguments.
  • Be consistent and remain clitched to your own views. Do not change your views as per the personnel. It creates a bad impression of yours.
  • Be yourself. Do not frame answers which may seem to be correct or courteous. Instead present what you are:
  • If you are taking an extreme view, you should also be able to justify the same.
  • Accept the refreshments, if you are offered. This will lighten up the environment and give a slightly informal touch to the interview and will also show that you are relaxed.
  • Avoid chewing gums and other munching items as it gives an impression that you are careless and not serious about the event.
  • For practise purpose, stand in front of a mirror and look at your expressions and rectify shortcomings, if any. For better results record your answers and play them again to find out your errors.
  • don՚t criticize any government policies or even individuals.
  • A good sleep before the day of interview is very necessary as it will help you to remain stressfree, cheerful and relaxed. Otherwise you won՚t be able to grasp questions properly and won՚t be able to present yourself totally.
  • Answer slowly and clearly so that the Board members find it easy to understand what you mean to say and do not get confused and ask you to repeat your views.
  • Do not get confused and remain alert while you get questions. The interview is not to test your academic or theoritical knowledge but the panel will check certain traits such as honest and integrity, logical exposition, balance of opinion, leadership skills, mental alertness, variety and depth of interest, social cohesion, moral integrity, acumen, your response to a peculiar situation, your views on varied topics.
  • At times, the Board members might try to pressurize you. don՚t panic at those times as they are testing your patience and your cool. They will look at how you respond to situations when they are not according to your wish.
  • Take the help of statistical data and present it whenever you feel it necessary.
  • Be acquainted with current news as to what is happening nationally and internationally. You should be able to answer all the current affairs related questions. Candidates should read magazines and newspapers and watch current affairs-based television programmes.
  • Assume that all questions are asked with a good reason and answer them accordingly.
  • Keep a file/folder to keep your certificates and documents in an organized manner. They are verified before you enter the interview room (You don՚t have to carry file/folder inside board room) .