KVPY Interview

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  1. The questions asked in the interview are generally of school syllabus and personal questions. The questions relating to personal life may be to certain aspects such as:
    • Parent Qualification
    • Parent՚s occupation
    • Brothers and Sisters
  2. Based on your interests and hobbies, the tips that you need to remember are:
    • You must have complete knowledge of the field that you are interested in or of which you have a hobby.
    • For example: If your hobby is classical dance, you should be able to name various forms of classical dance and describe about them.
    • If you are interested in western dance, you should have indepth knowledge in particular, so that you don՚t get confused while questioned about the same.
    • Have full knowledge about the recent developments that are taking place in your field of interest. Do not rest upon the historical knowledge and base your facts on that knowledge.
    • For example: If you say you are interested in cricket, you must know about IPL and T20 formats of the game and be able to answer when asked about it.
    • Interview basically is not pre-planned. It goes the way you answer which will prompt the interviewer to ask you the next question.
    • Do not tell about lot many hobbies as that will open up a wide scope of questions for the interviewer.
    • The best way to prepare for such questions is to think about three of your hobbies/interest, or anything you are passionate about. And then try to answer questions as mentioned above:
  3. Based on your career goals, questions which can be asked are as follows:
    • Why you want to become say doctor?
    • What it is about?
    • How will you contribute to the nation?
    • What are your likings in the your field?
    • What are the things you dislike about this job?
  4. Personal (family related) , General Knowledge questions and Hypothetical questions can also form a part of the interview.