KVPY Interview Important Questions Chemistry Part 2

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Q: 7. What is nitrene?

Sol. Nitrene is a type of reaction intermediate, in which one of the nitrogen atom is neutral & has only 6 valence and is electron deficient.

Ex. Methylnitrene

Q_7_Sol_Structure of Methynitrene

Q: 8. Give the reaction in which nitrene is formed/

Sol. Nitrene is supposed to be formed in Hoffmann hypobromite reaction

Q_7_Sol_Structure of Hypobromite Reaction

Q: 9. Explain the mechanism of HOFFMAN BROMAMIDE REACTION?

Sol: The details mechanism of Hoffman bromamide reaction is as follow.

  • A method for preparation of primary amines by treating an amide with-bromine in an aqueous or ethanolic Solution of sodium hydroxide
  • The amine so formed contains one carbon less than that present in the amide
Q_8_Sol_Structure of Hoffman Bromamide Reaction

Q: 10. What is the rate-determining step of it?

Sol. Migration of alkyl group from carbon terminus to N terminus is the rate-determining step.

Q: 11. Give the name of the product that is formed when propene reacts with methyl carbine?

Sol. Methylcyclopropane is expected to be major product

Q_11_Sol_Structure of Methylcarbene

Q: 12. Give one example of condensation polymer?

Sol. Nylon: 6,6 is example of condensation polymer it is formed by condensation of adipic and with hexamethylenediamine.

Q: 13. Draw the resonating structures of diazomethane?


Q_13_Sol_Structure of Diazomethane

Q: 14. What is the product formed when di chloro carbine gets added up to pyrroles?

Sol. Pyrrole with dichloro carbene

Q_14_Sol_Structure of Pyrrole with Dichloro Carbene

Q: 15. Write a reaction in which a new carbon carbon bond is formed.

Sol. Wurtz Reaction

Q_15_Sol_Structure of Wurtz Reaction

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