KVPY Interview Important Questions Chemistry Part 4

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Q: 23. What is the difference between the double bonds of ethane and benzene?

Sol. The double bond in ethane is localized whereas the double bond of benzene is delocalized.

Q: 24. Draw the benzoid structural isomers of


Q: 25. Draw a structure with 6C, 4H, 2O and 4 double bonds.

Sol. The given compound have 5 index of hydrogen deficiency. Since it has 4 double bonds therefore it must be cyclic

Q: 26. Now draw a structure keeping the skeleton same so that there is 3B, 3N, 6H?

Sol. Given compound is:

Q: 27. What is the reason for the double bond character in ?

Sol. Double bond present in due to back bonding, between electron deficient B atom and which has one

Q: 28. What are the gases released during rocket propulsion?


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