KVPY Interview Important Questions General Part 1

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Q: 1. Introduce yourself in minimum words?

Q: 2. Arrangements of Numbers?

Q: 3. Questions related with Geometry

Q: 4. What is Fermat՚s last theorem?

Q: 5. Give details about waves?

Q: 6. If inclined plane move so what mechanics will be there?

Q: 7. Tell any five lines about chemistry?

Q: 8. Define differential equations?

Q: 9. Give chemical formulae of some organic compounds like benzene.

Q: 10. What is heat?

Q: 11. Types of works?

Q: 12. Equations of motion for constant acceleration?

Q: 13. Geometrical optics: a pencil in water looks tilted. Why?

Q: 14. Difference between Galilean and terrestrial telescope?

Q: 15. Working of terrestrial telescope.

Q: 16. Maths: They gave a number And said what is important about this. (That no. was either Ramanujan number or Aryabhatt number)

Q: 17. What is a perfect number?

Q: 18. Chemistry: What is Ellingham diagram?

Q: 19. What are your future plans? What are you going to do in future?

Q: 20. Which is your favourite subject?

Q: 21. What is parallax? How do you measure distance between earth and moon/earth and stars.

Q: 22. How do you measure earth՚s radius?

Q: 23. what՚s your father՚s profession?

Q: 24. Which institute would you like to join in Udaipur and why?

Q: 25. If we provide you scholarship, then what will you do with that in Science (research) field?

Q: 26. What are your future plans? What are you going to do in future?

Q: 27. Draw the graph of .

Q: 28. A man is standing on an escalator. If he climbs the stairs while the escalator is stopped, then it takes time to climb up. If he is standing while the escalator is moving, then it takes time What time will be taken if both the man and the escalator are moving?

Q: 29. what՚s your father՚s profession?

Q: 30. What would you do if you got no scholarship?

Q: 31. Write the cell reaction for Daniell cell?

Q: 32. Sketch the curve; where [.] denotes the greatest integer function.

Q: 33. Can bromide ion reduce ferric ion?

Q: 34. The value of the reaction quotient Q, for the cell.


Q: 35. From which glacier does the Godavari river originate?

Q: 36. How will you check pH of a solution?

Can a solution of pH = 3 be changed to pH = 7? How.

Q: 37. In which coaching institute are you studying?

Q: 38. What is the ratio of frequencies of the notes ‘Sa’ and ‘Ga’ in musical instruments?

Q: 39. If take measurements for gas at 300K, 400K, 500 K and find its specific heat capacity constant. Can I differ that the heat capacity of gas is constant?

Q: 40. Do you know about Vanderwaals gas equation?

Q: 41. Explain – 1st law, 2nd law, 3rd law of thermodynamics.

Q: 42. Is the temperature of a single molecule defined?

Q: 43. What was the need of 2nd law of thermodynamics.

Q: 44. Define the temperature.

Q: 45. Why is water not used to put out the fire caused by petrol?

Q: 46. Why is TEL used in vehicle fuels?

Q: 47. What is science?

Q: 48. What are hypothesis and thesis?

Q: 49. Which is your favourite subject and why?

Q: 50. A polynomial p (x) when divided by leaves remainder Then: p (x) cannot have a root between 0 and 3 Or p (x) must have a root between 0 and 3

Q: 51. The number of distinct pair (x, y) of the real number satisfying and y = 2xy is: 5,12, 3 OR 7

Q: 52. The number of integers a such that and is a perfect square is:

(A) 50

(B) 53

(C) 55

(D) 56

Q: 53. Two solid sphere of same radius (r) and same material are placed in contact gravitational force between them is proportional to





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