KVPY Interview Important Questions General Part 2

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Q: 54. What is the remainder when 1! + 2! + 3! + … 1000! Is divided by 12?

Q: 55. What do you wish to choose as your career future prospect?

Q: 56. What are your career objectives? How will you be pursing your career?

Q: 57. If we increase the current drawn from the cell. Potential difference across the cell: increase, decrease OR remain same.

Q: 58. Two soap bubbles of radius r and R (r < R) are conducted by a tube. What will be the final shape of bubbles.

Q: 59. Evaluate:

Q: 60. A current carrying wire is placed perpendicular to the plane upward and current is flowing in upward direction. Point P is towards east and Q is towards west magnetic field at which point will be greater.

(A) P

(B) Q

Q: 61. What is the significance of IUPAC name? Give IUPAC name of an Enoic acid.

Q: 62. find

Q: 63.

Q: 64.

Q: 65.

Q: 66. What is your aim, and why?

Q: 67. What attracted you towards Science?

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