Sample KVPY Interview Questions (Part 2 of 9)

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  • Explain the reason why cell is called structural and functional unit of life?
  • State various types of rocks with examples. Also explain how are they different from each other?
  • Which plateau in India is made of sedimentary rocks?
  • Explain what do you mean by: Integers, rational numbers, composite numbers, prime numbers and their properties.
  • State the process of conversion of energy from one form to another. Can heat energy be converted to electric energy?
  • What principle does desert cooler uses to cool the room during summer? How it is related to humidity?
  • What is heat? What is the difference between heat and energy?
  • Explain is difference between heat and temperature?
  • Explain the term pressure. How is it different from force and stress?
  • Explain reflection and refraction with their effects along with examples for each.
  • What do you mean by resources? What are the various types of resources. Which resources is the most important, according to you and why?
  • What is sound? Does frequency is associated with only sound waves?
  • Show the calculation of the frequency of the needle of the watch for all the three hands.
  • Why Sky appears to be blue in day and black in night but leaves always appear to be green?
  • How can a mixture of sand, common salt and camphor be separated?
  • State the difference between ionosphere and troposphere? How ionosphere is related to ozone layer?
  • Which type of mirrors do we use commonly in our home?