Sample KVPY Interview Questions (Part 3 of 9)

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  • What is the technique to measure the age of the rock and the earth?
  • India does not have much Uranium and therefore we have to depend on Uranium supplying countries for power generation. Is only uranium required to generate power?
  • Mention the largest magnet you have ever seen or known of:
  • What is the method of seperating sulphur from a mixture of iron and sulphur? Also state the method of seperating camphor and dry ice?
  • Explain alloys with their characteristics. Why alloys cannot be called Solution? What is the main difference between elements and alloys?
  • Explain what do you mean by mixture with its types. Give examples of each.
  • What is valency? What can be the maximum valency?
  • What is specific gravity? Can it be less than 1?
  • Give one example of electromagnetic wave.
  • What is the wavelength of the visible light? What do you mean by audible frequency? Give some name of organisms who can see what we cannot see?
  • What is Solution? Prepare solutions of any 5 types from the various objects present on your table.
  • Write electronic configuration of Na and Cl.
  • What are acids and bases? Write the name of any two acids which are easily found at home.
  • Explain the relation between charge and current? If you carry a charge with you does it means current is flowing?
  • Define Physics, Chemistry and Biology? What is study of cells known as?
  • Do you have invertor at your home? Which acid does the battery of invertor possess?
  • Differentitate between metals and non metals.
  • Which is the most suitable process of preparing electricity using turbine at power plant? -evaporation or boiling? and why?
  • Why there is so much difference between hearing capacities of a man, bat and a dog?
  • Lungs releases waste as kidney. What is the difference between the two organs?
  • Functioning of which organ of your body is most important in terms of daily functioning except heart?
  • Define Cell wall and Mitochondria.

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