Sample KVPY Interview Questions (Part 4 of 9)

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  • What is the difference between tissues and muscles
  • Carbohydrate is made us op C, H and Oxygen. Similarly kerosene oil is made up of C, H and Oxygen. Why we feel uneasy if we consume little bit of kerosene oil?
  • What is the difference between living and non living beings?
  • Suggest measures to overcome the shortage of water? When everybody knows that we should save water, then how come so much of water is wasted every day?
  • Shortage of water is related to Global Warming?
  • What is difference between green revolution and white revolution?
  • What is the difference between gree house effect and green revolution
  • What is the difference between soap and detergent. How it contribute to water pollution?
  • is there any difference between enzyme and hormone and a catalyst?
  • What are the various sources of energy available to human being?
  • What are prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Give one example of each.
  • Are humans a part of the food chain? How will you justify your answer with the increase of population that is currently happening?
  • Give the reason why urinals at bus stand smell bad?
  • What is the normal temperature of a human body? Do all animals have the same body temperature as humans?
  • Explain what do you mean by adaptation along with two examples.

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