Sample KVPY Interview Questions (Part 5 of 9)

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  • What is pole star? Draw its approximate location.
  • Name any two rivers of Africa except Nile.
  • Share your experience while reading atleas if you have found anything very interesting in it.
  • State what is the position of the sun?
  • What are asteroids?
  • What is the average rainfall of your region/city?
  • Give description of the climatic region of your region/city.
  • Name any two type of tides.
  • Who discovered proton? What was the contribution of the Rutherford in the field of science?
  • Name any two alloys of Tin and Aluminium.
  • Give one example of folded mountains.
  • Explain the reason why western Ghats are continuous and Eastern Ghats are broken.
  • Every process involves the principles of physics, chemistry and maths when it comes to practical living. Give examples of any 5 such processes. State the involvement of principles in the process of breathing?
  • Differentiate between gene and a chromosome.
  • Which region of India is most prone to earthquakes?
  • Explain Rabi and Kharif crop giving examples.
  • What is the capital of Mauritius and Maldives?

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