Sample KVPY Interview Questions (Part 6 of 9)

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  • Explain how the presence of carbon di oxide and oxygen be felt and experienced?
  • Name any 4 different microorganism which causes diseases in human body. Also give example for each.
  • What are fat soluble vitamins? In a similar fashion, mention if there are any fat soluble and water soluble proteins also.
  • Define proteins. Differentiate between proteins and vitamins.
  • Name any two lakes in Southern India and in Northern India. Give example of one lake on the coast of India.
  • What are the difference between latitudes, longtidues and equator? State their position on the map.
  • Who is your favorite scientist?
  • What is the volume of the earth? How much water can be filled in the sphere of the size of the earth?
  • State the order in which the words soverign, socialist, democratic words are arranged in the preamble of our constitution.
  • The earth is said to be rotating day and night. Then how do we not experience the spinning of the earth?
  • Why sateliites does not fall on the earth surface?
  • What is ecosystem?
  • What is Biosphere reserve? Name any 5 biosphere reserves in India.
  • What is UNESCO?
  • Who is the supreme authority? PM or the Parliament?
  • What are CFC?
  • State the basic geographical feature difference between cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. Are the cities of Kolkata and Chennai smiliar?
  • When does TN receives maximum rainfall?
  • Is the Square root of the number always less than the number itself?
  • Which state has the maximum number of Lok Sabha seats in India?
  • What is a Map and a scale?

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