Sample KVPY Interview Questions (Part 8 of 9)

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  • Which type of polymer carbon is? A natural polymer or synthetic polymer or both? Are cellulose, wool and silk polymers?
  • Define acids. Give example of weak acid, and very weak acid.
  • Differenciate between Nylon, Rayon and Dacron.
  • What are the harmful effects of DDT?
  • The HCF of (n + 3) and (7n + 48) is k, where n is a natural number. How many values of k are possible?
  • How you can get the sum of 31 from five 3՚s? It is necessary to use all 3՚s.
  • A car covers a certain distance taking 7 hours for going one-way. Speed was increased by 12 kmph at the time of fro journey and the journey gets completed in 5 hours. What is total distance covered by the car?
  • what would be the next number in the sequence 2, 20,74, 110?
  • what number would next appear in the sequence 8, 20,28, 44,
  • Imagine that you are driving a car from mysore to bangalore, which lies 250 kms away from each other, at a speed of 75mph. Car no is KA-19 DB1955. Now on the basis of this information, find the date of birth of the driver.
  • Perimeter of front wheel of a vehicles is 30 and that of rear wheel is 20. If front wheel revolves 240 times, how many revolutions will the rear wheel take?
  • Find the smallest four digit number which is divisible from 1 to 10.
  • State the various types of rainfall. Which type of rainfall prevails if it rains in the Gangetic plains due to Himalayas?
  • What is the reason that no type of rainfall gives sufficient rainfall to Rajasthan region?
  • Why do we spread dry clothes to make them dry?
  • What is the relation between drying of clothes and humidity in the air?
  • Why our wet hairs stick with each other?
  • Why do fish die (after some time and not instantly) when removed from the water?
  • A tiger is 1km away from you. What will be the time taken by him to eat you up, approximately? The friction of the ground surface is zero.
  • The advantage that a polar bear has thick layer of fat is that it can protect itself in low temperatures. What are the disadvantage of having a thick fat layer (to the polar bear) ?
  • Is the rotation of earth around the Sun related or not to the rotation of the Mars?
  • Mercury is harmful still it is used in thermometers, CFL, to measure pressure etc. Why?
  • Does there exist any frictional force on the moon?
  • What are contact forces?
  • Forces are “due to an interaction between two bodies” Explain the statement.

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