KVS: Books for Information Technology Subject

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  1. Objective Computer Science & Information Technology by Anjali Mishra- Buy from Amazon.in
  2. Computer Science and Information Technology: CS & IT for GATE by Dr. N B Venkateswarlu- Buy from Amazon.in
  3. GATE-2015: Computer Ssience & Information Technology by MADE EASY- Buy from Amazon.in
  4. GATE Guide Computer Science & Information Technology Engineering 2015 by GKP- Buy from Amazon.in
  5. Chapterwise Previous Years'Solved Papers (2014 − 2000) GATE Computer Science And Information Technology by Nitesh Jain- Buy from Amazon.in
  6. GATE Tutor 2015 Computer Science & Information Technology by Er. Shanti Kirupani- Buy from Amazon.in

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