Preparation Tips for KVS 2022

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Only smart work can give possible solution to all questions.

Hard working individually cannot serve the purpose individually as the KVS syllabus is quite vast.

that՚s why selected important topics aid in clearing our dilemmas and ensure a smart exam strategy.

Follow these tips are given under to score well in exam.

  • First of all you should make a proper plan for your studies. Start with understanding KVS exam pattern and syllabus. After examine your weak sections by paying more attention to your study plan.
  • You should read newspapers, magazines regularly and also update yourself with daily events and activities, especially current and static topics.
  • Candidates required to concentrate on a single topic at a time. Pay serious attention to each and every topic. Practice more questions of all topics.
  • General knowledge is one of the best marks gaining subject in all exam. You should gain command on it by reading newspaper daily. Read latest GK books and magazines. More focus on these topics – Current events, sports, business news, political news static GK.
  • Practice as much as you can. don՚t waste your time in thinking about exam. Solve past year question paper it will help in your exam.
  • There are many mock test, quiz test are available online.
  • Give daily one mock test, it will help in maintaining your speed and accuracy.
  • Revision is the most important key factor for any exam.