LSAT Book List

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  1. Examrace LSAT Series- Buy from LSAT questions are set on the basis of any law textbook of schools and is basically classified according to the issues they contain within a single text. It contains

    • LSAT questions classified by issue
    • Typical as well as boundary cases for each issue
    • Methods for solving each LSAT issue
    • This series does not include any portion of writing section
    • Includes highly formed logical and analytical reasoning section for practise
    • Explanations and answers for all questions are available
    • Memory Tips and lessons before each topic so as to help the students better
  2. Official LSATs- Buy from Application Phase Texts During the Application Phase, it is always seen that students review the question papers of past 12 LSATs as they consider the pattern relevant and get to know about the paper style. Currently minimum 35 practice LSATs is given to students for homework. LSATs can be ordered through the publication department of the Law School Admission Council by either calling 215.968. 1001 or going online to

  3. Other Suggested Reading: Additionally, the following books will help develop skills that are useful on the LSAT and in law school.

    • Inside the LSAT by Thomas White, designer of LSAT (aka Peterson's LSAT Success)
    • Introduction to Legal Reasoning by EH Levi- Buy from
    • The Costs of Accidents written by Guido Calabresi- Buy from
    • Things You Can Do With Logic penned by Luckhardt & Bechtel- Buy from
    • Any work by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (eg. Path of the Law) - Buy from