Choosing LSAT Dates

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  • Though the dates for the LSAT are available throughout the year, students should bear it in mind that the dates are not available as and whenever you require them and also there are only few dedicated dates for the test.
  • As said the student can take up the test date anytime but it is recommended that students take LSAT exam by the December before the fall semester the student intends to start.
  • By taking the time for test in December, students get ample time for scoring and transmission of scores to law schools in time for admission considerations.
  • On the other hand, if the student takes up the test in earlier months, he gets more time to prepare, if needed.
  • It is highly recommended by the foundation that the student should practise very well before the test, even if he has strong basic and is confident about the mastery on study material as the material is of complex intellectual nature.
  • Students have various ways to prepare for the test, like practice exams, private and online tutoring, and courses designed to refresh and instruct students in the material and skills needed to succeed on the LSAT. No particular method of learning is stressed upon by LSAC.
  • There are certain rules and regulations and also helping series of documents for registering, sample exams, ethical rules and regulations students must follow during the examination and study materials to help students review for the LSAT which LSAC makes it reach to them through student counsellers.