LSAT Reference Books

Get top class preparation for LSAT right from your home: get questions, notes, tests, video lectures and more- for all subjects of LSAT.

Huge numbers of books are available which will helps you for preparation of LAST. Those are divided in two parts:

Books that contain practice LSATs (and usually have some strategies in them as well)

And books that focus on helping you master a specific type of LSAT problem

We have listed LSAT prep books which are a nice summary of the most popular books available.

If you have problem in certain section then also many books are available for individual section. The PowerScore bibles are the most famous and highly recommended books to work on logic Games and logic Reasoning.

The two bibles will helps you to review Logic Games and Logical Reasoning questions and most efficient way to solve them. These two bibles are highly recommended by top scorer of LAST and has gold standard in Logic Games and Logic Reasoning strategy books.

As we discus earlier in prep courses that it is not good enough which is bounded in books you have to do more for good score. If you are doing books question in different ways then why books are needed is a big question but for get right questions, stick with your method.