Knowing the Preparation Time and Last Minute Tips for LSAT

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Preparation Time

There is no any correct answer how much time you should spent on prepare for LAST just like how many practice tests you take. Generally it will take at least 2 or 3 months for studying full course and fill confident about LAST.

As with how many practice tests you take, there is no right answer about how long you should take to prepare for the LSAT. For most people, it takes at least two or three months of studying to fully prepares for and feels confident about the LSAT. it՚s not important that you study for one month or six; the thing which is important is studying constantly. Try and keep the routine as same as you have started your preparation till the last day. If you have a regular schedule, you can make sure you are in LSAT-mode when it՚s time to study and your study time will be more profitable.

However it is a good idea to study as much as you can, but also make sure you are not burned out till the test day. Many people use to take a few days off from studying in the middle of their preparation or after a particularly sessions. Taking a break is good idea that allow you to clear your mind and recharge your batteries so that when start your studying again, you will be refreshed and newly focused. Some people also like to take it easy the last day or two before the LSAT. And the idea of taking two practice tests the day before the actual LSAT may be tired you. And if you take rest before the day of exam then it feels rested and ready to attack the LSAT like never before:

Be Ready on the Test Day

It is common stories we hear of people that they have scored less than their practice test, this is common because of the pressure, stress, and nervousness that you fill on that day. You can do some work earlier to reduce stress and pressure as much as possible for test-day. Some simple tips for keeping in the mind which will help you to concentrate fully on the task that is closer:

  1. Does every basic preparation before night like pack your Ziploc bag, sharpen your pencils, pick out your clothes, and decide what your breakfast will, so you have not worry about it in morning.
  2. Visit your test center before a day and also check out the classroom as well as desks so if there are small desk then you will be mentally prepare for that if you have seen that before otherwise you will be frustrated and angry during entire test.
  3. If you have attempt all practice test at night not at the morning then try to attempts at morning before your actual test because it will be shock to your system
  4. Take some practice tests in the morning; so your body will be adjust to waking up as early as you՚ll have to on test day. Try to wake up early before some days of the test, so your body will be used to this.
  5. If needed rent a hotel room the night before test for a good night՚s sleep. If you live in a crowded apartment, or Greek housing, where usually parties are common trend for Friday night is the norm, you may want to rent a hotel room (bring your alarm clock in addition to getting a wake up call) to ensure that you are tanned, rested and ready for the LSAT.