Why You Should Take Multiple LSAT Practice Tests

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Getting into a good law school in North America is not an easy task, as becoming a lawyer is not something everyone can do.

If you want to do well in your LSATs and get into a top law school, then you will need to study quite a bit. If it՚s your first time, then you should take multiple LSAT practice tests to prepare correctly.

The LSAT practice tests are the keys to preparing for the actual exam and enhancing your performance. The reason is that these are full-length tests and can be timed according to the duration of a real LSAT exam. They can allow you to see how well you can do on the actual exam day. Taking the LSAT practice test is much better for you than going through random questions for hours and not timing yourself.

However, there is such a thing as attempting too few or too many practice tests. The former will not prepare you well enough for the actual tests while the latter might burn you out. That is why you should aim at hitting the sweet part in the middle for the best LSAT results.

Lest look into a couple of things that can help you decide what is the right amount of LSAT practice tests for you.

How Far Along is Your Actual LSAT Exam?

The number of practice tests that you should take depends on the amount of time you have before the exam date.

While many students begin studying around a year before the date, most of the candidates start their studies much closer to the LSATs. Also, candidates usually start learning harder when the actual exam dates are right on top of their heads.

If you have anywhere over seven to eight months before the test, then you can try doing 3 or 4 practice tests a week. But when the date comes closer, like two months before it, then you should consider taking at least 2 to 3 per week.

How Much Free Time Does Your Schedule Have?

Not everyone that chooses to get into law school can afford to do nothing but study and do a few leisure activities in their days. LSAT test takers come from all levels of society, and some of them have families to look after or bills to pay. Obviously, your current life situation will have an enormous impact on your ability to do well in your LSAT.

If you have the time in your week, then you should try to get in at least three practice tests every week. In each session, you shouldn՚t take more than three hours to finish the test, and you can take an additional two hours to go over your mistakes and study the right answers.

If your schedule is rigorous and you can՚t afford to take LSAT practice tests for 15 hours a week, then try to get at least one five-hour session and supplement by attempting timed-sections whenever you can.

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