Group Learning Techniques

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How Can You Learn in Groups?

  • Offer to work together.
  • Motivate yourself and others to initiate the work.
  • Ask others to discuss their thoughts.
  • Ask for help if you do not understand something.
  • Discuss your work with others.
  • Explore and evaluate options accordingly.

Learning Techniques

  • Form groups among the people you work.
  • A good rapport can be formed by role-plays.
  • Keep taking feedback from others if your working principles are right.
  • sharing key assertions with others is better than reciting assertions to yourself.
  • Share your reviews, checklists and performance with group.
  • Mind maps and systems diagrams are resourceful for a group.
  • Various situations can be dealt by working in a group.
  • Each member can prepare a questionnaire and thereby, exchange viewpoints.

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