Highlights of Learning Strategy

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Here are a few approaches which you can adhere to, which will help you absorb your learning and succeed in exams.

  • You can use Repetitive learning technique to memorize what you have learnt.
  • Using mnemonics is another technique by which you can retain your learning.
  • Avoid confusion and have a clarity of concepts.
  • You can even use Free play technique which deals with remembering things decentralising β€˜Man’ as the centre of concept.
  • Persistance even at the time of failure i.e.. . Perseverance is another approach which can be adopted.
  • Learning is also possible by visual observation.
  • Audio learning is another method to absorb the learning and retain in your mind.
  • You should have a logical approach rather than rote learning the material.
  • Associating things physicaly to remember them.
  • A very comfortable approach is group learning and discussion.
  • You can even learn by speaking the lessons verbally.
  • Teaching juniors or colleagues gives you clarity of concepts.
  • Making flashcards and going through it is also a method to revise the learnings.