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Tratak is a yogic method that enhances concentration, boosts confidence and develops positive attitude in life. It eliminates bad thoughts and negativity from our minds and fills it with optimistic and positive ideas. It is goodd for eyes and people suffering from depression.

One of the most suitable method is Madhya Trataka in which we focus on flame of candle or lamp usually done sunrise or sunset in natural light.

Have a vision and concentrate on that. Helen Keller said β€œthe most disgusting person in the world is someone, who has sight but has no vision.”

Success and happiness is governed by right questions. The right purpose provide us with sense of direction, helps us resolve problems and overcome dilemmas. It implies seeing things that are not immediately visible, nourish with a purpose in life, give it meaning and direction. Character, integrity and values help us fight these dilemmas and stay determined.

Keeping things in focus gives us the power to change the way we feel, think and live. There is always a need to evaluate your focus and change it from negative to positive.

Sachin Tendulkar՚s achievements in the field of cricket are no doubt very extraordinary. But how exactly did he cultivate that extraordinary passion for the game? He developed his cricketing skills through persistence and infinite capacity to take pains. Seed of genius within him was nurtured by hard work, commitment and passion, working honestly with discipline and desire to excel.

All you required is talent, self-belief, an unflinching capacity to work, intensity of character to overcome defeat as well as victory while remaining sticked and focused to your vision.

Here are some of the must elements of meditation:

  • Be particular and determined
  • Get rid of dilemmas
  • Thrills or pains
  • Clarity of vision
  • Meaningfulness and value for survival