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Association is one of the best ways to remember, whereby you try to associate various elements. Practice and implement it for remembering what we read or study and try to learn deliberately and create associations.

Audio-visual techniques are another good way to memorize concepts when we tend to remember movie scenes and songs very easily without any effort as compared to hard formulae and equations. Use colour pens to write a formula attractively so that our mind can remember it in the form of a picture or convert a definition into a rhythm to remember quickly.

Good practice at associating day to day work, study and facts leads to perfection in memorizing.

Last moment revision is important for all and applies to both students who have studied well before and for students who were unable to prepare earlier.

It is observed that students lose their self-confidence if they are not prepared well, as expected or if they are not able to re-collect what they have studied and learnt. Practice brings in confidence and efforts are put in the right direction when time available is less.

Simple Tips to Enhance Learning

  • Whenever you read or study from books, underline the important lines and words.
  • Highlight the main points help in revising more at last moment.
  • Take notes while reading or during lecture.
  • Give Mock Tests to strengthen learning. Instant evaluated mock tests given on Doorsteptutor is the best way of evaluation of your preparation level.
  • Revise deeply the part you were examined to be weaker than others. If you are able to answer the question well in time, you are all set for the final test.
  • Revise all formulae, diagrams, laws, nomenclatures, dates etc.
  • Take enough sleep and rest, before exam so that you brain is active to answer twisted questions in exam.
  • Have light food, fruits before and during the exam so you do not feel sleepy or dull.