Physical Learning Techniques

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How Can You Learn Physically?

  • Use your sensory nerves to recognize if the touch feels good to you.
  • Try if you are able to grasp well the feel of the objects surrounding you.
  • Get in touch with the environment and the world around you.
  • Feel if you are comfortable with the surroundings.
  • Ensure you have a good feel about it.
  • Sense if the learning exercise is true for you.

Learning Techniques

  • Use physical touch, actions, movements and bodily parts in your learning activities.
  • As you focus on the learnings, visualize the sensations of each scenario.
  • Pen down your feelings as you visualize the scenario.
  • Make use of as many physical objects as possible.
  • Do not neglect writing and drawing diagrams as they form a part of physical activities.
  • Use yoga, breathing and relaxation to focus your state while you learn and perform.
  • Stay calm, centered, relaxed and aware.
  • To practice skills and behavior, use role-play.
  • Act out and simulate what you learn to retain your learning.