Positive Attitude

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There are namely three things that are very necessary for achieving success-Attitude, skills and knowledge abbreviated as ASK formula.


Attitude is a state of mind that controls and commands our actions in day to day life and is a kind of mental orientation. We are the product of our attitudes (negative or positive) and it is important to evaluate the actual influence on our lives.


Potential or skills are the ability to do something or to apply a concept or idea while competence is the ability and willingness to do it. Potential and competencies are important similar to knowledge and are traits of leadership.


Knowledge is vital for success. The right knowledge induces us to find out the facts, help us attain better understanding of environment. Good education and good knowledge is used interchangeably. Good grades in examination do not indicate high knowledge levels: Degrees or grades that have been attained through rote learning. Knowledge has to pass through valleys and passes of great character, discipline, commitment and timely activation of unused potentials and intelligence.

Indeed, positive attitude is the first step towards success. The factor that differentiates successful people from the rest is a positive attitude in life that leads us to the path of positive behavior and ultimately success. It is very important as we want to channelize our full potential and capacities. It is a potent force while a negative attitude prevents us from our full potential.

Great inventor Thomas Alva Edison made around 10,000 attempts before he got perfection to achieve light through a light bulb. Edison did not give up. There are two ways we can read this, a negative mindset person might say that Edison failed 10,000 times before he succeeded. While a positive mindset person will say that Edison discovered 10,000 ways of not failing.

A positive attitude is the first step to track daily problems, everything that happens around and within you goes through the filter of your attitudes. Most events are beyond your control and so you can neither choose what happens nor guarantee success and happiness. But one thing that you can definitely choose is how you feel about these happenings or how to react. Positivity permits mental ability and the strength to stay motivated and take things in your favour. Most people feel that it is not so easy to succeed and go ahead. Its all about what you think, if you feel, you can win, the chances are that you will; but if you feel that you can՚t, you probably won՚t.

Positive attitude always leads to the path of:

  • Increased productivity
  • Good teamwork
  • Good relationship
  • A secure feeling
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Trust
  • Pleasant personalities
  • Passion and optimism
  • Positive inducement and motivation
  • Sense of integrity
  • Commitment and devotion