Refining Skills

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Never be overconfident. Even the smartest boy, needs to sharpen and brush up the skills. Here is a short story that will explain you why it is very important to poslish your skills.

A villager finds out a wood-cutter working very hard in a jungle trying to cut a huge tree with his axe and has been working for more than 5 hours.

Villager suggested him to sharpen the axe and it would be much easier to cut the tree but the wood cutter insisted that he was busy in cutting the trees. But could not cut the tree. On the way home he remembered what villager had said and at home sits to sharpen his axe. The next day when he starts working on the tree, he finishes cutting it in little time and with very less effort.

Here the Axe is your skill set and abilities. In our daily life we hardly recognize that we have to polish our abilities and skills to perform better. We are so busy with work that takes out time for other activities seem impossible or wastage.

Therefore it is very important that we devote some time in learning new skills along with techniques that would help us perform better at work and studies. It is important to spend time in learning new concentration techniques, memorization techniques, self-study techniques etc. Which will help us study effectively and also practice those. This enhances the performance level of mind and body and we feel more satisfied.

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